Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank U Adik!

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah.... Why???? Because for the very FIRST TIME my sister belanja we all sekeluarga dinner.. Kita makan pizza tadi!! YAY!!! THANK YOU SISSY!!!

She's on holiday so she works part-time at a kindie in front of my parents' home. First job ever so first pay ever!

Ooooh I still remember my first payday!!! I wanna share the story with all of you, biar jadi pengajaran. I was sooo excited because it was my first pay. Soooo excited that I told everyone in the office that I just got my first paycheck and I planned to take my family out for dinner. I punya lah excited, that was all I talked about for the whole day. Haha, I can bet my colleagues nak muntah but I was in such high spirit that I smiled and could only say "Today I dapat first gaji! Today I dapat first gaji!".. Well I was young and silly once too!

So when office hours ended, I left office for Subang Parade and since it was still early, I pun pegi McD to lepak2 with my friend. Sekali when I wanted to pay, I realised that my money was stolen!!!! Tinggal RM10 je!!!! Huaaaa!

I was sooooooooo upset!!! Geram sgt2!!!! At that time I didn't have a handphone so I couldn't call my family. Jadi terpaksalah jugak pegi Subang. I pun jumpa my family dengan muka sedih. Ingat kan nak belanja tapi gaji dah kena curi :(

So that's my memory on gaji pertama. Moral of the story - Jangan terover seronok and NEVER EVER give indication that you have lotsa cash in your purse. I think I know who took it but I never told anyone. It's ok, dah lama dah, tak sedih dah pun :p

Alright people, goodnite. I had such a horrible week (again!) and I look forward to a relaxing weekend. Nite nite!

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Aleza said...

hihi ur welcome! :D when i dapat my gaji, i cudnt stop smiling and cepat2 masuk toilet senyum lagi! HAHAHA. and then, tak habis2 pengang kat poket suar risau hilang. HIHI.

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