Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maira's First Movie Outing!

Yay!!! We successfully took Maira to the movies today!!! We went to watch Monsters Vs Aliens and she was OK!! She was very excited when she saw the cartoon on big screen. Diri2 and tepuk tangan! Hahahaha!! But after 15 minutes, she started to feel restless so I gave her some munchies.. and some munchies.. and more munchies. As long as she had her munchies, she was OK!

I have had such a busy weekend but in between I managed to squeeze a mani pedi session for me. I am so happy! And we also brought Audrene to Toys R Us. She wanted to buy a prince but she came back with Mariposa instead. Toys R Us was on sale. Huge discount!! Go go go everyone!!

Oooohhh I wanna watch CSI NY! Dah start! Goodnite and have a great week ahead!

p/s.... I hate Sunday nights!!!!!! Grrrrr!!!!!

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Aleza said...

awwww how cute!!

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