Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Blues??

Am on leave today!! Yippeee!

I woke up early and sent Audrene to school. Then picked her and 2 of her friends up and brought them to The Curve. We had a fab day! Took the kids for lunch at Waroeng Penyet because they wanted rice and chicken. Then we went to MPH for books and lastly to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. All kids behaved and were chirpy chirpy happy! Mummy's happy too!!

Was very busy over the weekend. Went to a cousin's wedding, saw Audrene's ballet rehersal (can't wait!!), ermm... apa lagi I buat? Tak ingat dah... but definitely I did not do any cooking!! The last time I cooked was months ago... I AM BAD!!!

Ok.. Audrene wants my laptop. Nak main game. She's hooked to an online kids website where she can play all sorts of games. Have a great week everyone!

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MN said...

my son is also addicted to the laptop. he wants to watch the theme songs from ultraman la apa laa...adoi!!!

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