Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brownie and Whitey No More

Audrene saw her first death a few days ago when my parents' neighbours' dogs died and she is still saddened by it.

On the way home from my parents' after knowing that the dogs had died, she kept saying saya sedih lah mummy, saya sedih. Saya kenal dogs tu.. Dogs tu kenal saya. The dogs would usually greet her whenever she arrived at my parents'. Now, no more doggies to wag their tails at Audrene :(

2 days ago on her way to school, Audrene was quiet. I thought she was thinking about her old friends whom she misses very much too. When I asked she said she was thinking about the dogs and she was sad... oh's ok kakak, give it some time and you'll feel ok.

It's not good seeing your kids sad isn't it?


2 squiggles:

Eti said...

So kesian that she is so affected by it. Maybe you could tell her that the dogs have gone to dog heaven or something. Maybe you can tell her that they were sick, if they stayed alive they are in pain, so they are happier and pain free in dog heaven. Nasib baik not her own pet kan? Hope Audrene feels better soon!

Miss S said...

Hi, she's better now, thanks. But I bet she'll be sad because her cousin, uncle and auntie just moved to Ipoh pulak :(

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