Monday, May 3, 2010

Fun At TC

I am burnt! We went back to Kuantan over the weekend and it was soooo hot there. We went to the beach when the sun was right on top of our heads but of cos the girls didnt mind. They were both burnt too. They havent fully recovered from being their PD tan and now they are wayyyy darker!

Here are some pics of the girls at Teluk Cempedak. We went there on Labour Day so the place was packed.

Hehehe Maira smiling gleefully after a couple of hours at the beach :p

Maira's going to a new school tomorrow. I hope she will be ok there. The place looks good and I like the fact that it is not run and owned by one owner. It's a franchise and it looks structured. I am giving this place a try but will ofcourse do my own checking. After what happened at the old place, susah nak trust dah.

Audrene, on the other hand, will start her piano class at the same school which she goes to for her ballet. So senang, in one trip she can cover both piano and ballet :)

Ok everyone. I need to selongkar my room. I have misplaced my purse and have been looking high and low for it but tak jumpa. Actually I suspect Maira took it out from my handbag this morning but hmmmm mana agaknya???


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