Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ariel & Mowgli

There is never a dull moment with my little bunnies. There will always be activities that will either make me jump for joy or cry for help. And tonite, unfortunately it's the latter *grump*

Audrene got a new Ariel costume today and Adik was really, really upset. We we couldn't find a size for her. And when Audrene showed her the Ariel costume, Adik kept saying cantik! nak! cantik! nak!! When she knew she wouldn't get one, to protest, she took off her pants and diapers AND shishi-ed on my bed. Yup, you read right. My little angel peed on my bed. Stress ok!!!!

Here are both girls. To pujuk Adik, the best I could do was to put on her swimsuit. Check out her crumpled face as I was taking Audrene's pix. Still pissed off over the costume!

Here are the girls after 30 minutes. Maira took off her swimsuit and started playing with her powder. Habis satu bilik!!!

Playoing dress up? Ariel & errrrr Mowgli?!

And what are they doing now? Geared with wet tissues, both girls are cleaning the mess. At least.. haha!! Ok everyone, goodnite, sweet dreams :)

ps Did you watch AI?? I know C did better than L but I still want L to win!!!! Am gonna keep my fingers crossed for him!

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Aleza said...

HAHAHAHAHA this is sooo cutee! :DD

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