Sunday, May 23, 2010

Camel Ride & More!

What a busy weekend we had!! And I am now 2 tones darker... huaaa!!!!

So where did we go to? Melaka! We drove down to Melaka and stayed at AFmosa for one night. I haven't been there for years and I am happy to say that the place rocks! We went to the waterpark and cow.boy town. The waterpark was not that full yesterday, probably because it rained most of the day. We however got lucky because when we reached the park, it stopped raining. We had lunch, played for 2 hours and then it started raining again. That was when we said to the girls... cukup cukup!

In the evening, we went to the cow.boy town. We reached there just in time for the show which was not bad at all. I was impressed with the Msian red indians (hehe) and their fire show. Entertaining you.. Haha!

Today, before driving back home, we stopped by at the park again because Audrene wanted to ride on the elephant, pony and camel. Audrene memang will not want to miss any rides so we had to bring her there or else... hehe. We reached there a bit early as the rides started at 11am. So kita pun tunggulah dalam kepanasan :p Thought of going for reflexology while waiting, but itu pun was closed and only opened at 12. Audrene of cos had fun while waiting, and even made a new friend much to Maira's irritation because Maira was sooooo afraid of her kakak's new 'friend'!

Some pix of our Melaka trip:

This is Maira after spending 2 hours in the water. Hungry so makan corn in a cup. No sharing ya!!!

The red indian show.

This is us enjoying the show :)

Audrene feeding the elephant while waiting for the next show to start. Elephant makan tebu!

The girls after a long day :)

Audrene at the golf club after breakfast.

Audrene and her new friend.

Elephant ride.

Wahhhh..Maira suka!!

Audrene naik pony.

I like this pony Mummy!

The girls and daddy feeding the elephant and camel.

Camel ride! The visitors were impressed because Audrene rode on it alone. It was too hot for Mummy :p

Ice cream time!


And yes, we would love to go back there again!!

Have a great week everyone... Muahhhh!!!

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