Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby Arman & Auntie

Helllooo!!! My nephew Arman is 1 month old now and he's getting chubbier and chubbier and chubbier :) He drinks a lot, A LOT I tell you. No wonder my friends with baby boys are bound to give up breastfeeding sooner than expected. Cant cope! But, so far my SIL is doing great. Here are some photos of me and d lil baby. Muahhhhh!!

Owh have you stopped by at the shoe fair in KL? We have! The plan was to take the commuter to the venue but biasa lah, commuter delayed. Grrrr!!! Audrene was so excited to take the train for the first time so of course she was disappointed. Tak pe lah, kakak, next time. We ended up driving to PWTC. The crowd was not that huge. The shoes collection weren't that great, but ok lah, acceptable. I got to see shoes with diamonds and pearls that cost hundreds of thousands ringgit. Audrene got to see how sandals are made at one of the booths and she also liked the small tunnel where the history of shoes were unfold. Though not all shoes of the different eras were there, some were represented with only photos, but ok lah, educational. We spent a couple of hours there but didnt go home with any pair. But I was happy because sempat go for a half-hour foot reflexology. That was good!

Alright, people. I've promised the girls 1 hour at Kidzsports Desa Parkcity today. Have a great Sunday all :)

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zarin said...

ur nephew is so tembam n cute babe! gearm tengok :-)
btw, i love foot reflexology...hmmm best!

Eti Karim said...

cute baby! I just got a new niece too! sigh!!! babies are just wonderful aren't they??? a lot of work but still wonderful! on a different note ; WHAT? I missed a shoe fair??? OMG!!! where have i been??? quite relieved when you said that the collection was not that great, but still... tsk!tsk!tsk! it would have been interesting nevertheless! my daughter would have loved to go too.

Miss S said...

hi zarin, foot reflexology mmg best, but ticklish. mesti tergelak2.

hi eti, d shoe fair was quite interesting. my sis took pics of shoes w weird designs. u can view em at

eynda said...

Cutenyer baby tu...rambut hitam lebat!

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