Saturday, April 10, 2010

Horrible Nursery Experience

I've been sending my kids to the nursery since Audrene was about 8 months only to find out recently that:

1. Audrene didnt have enough to eat. I caught her eating coco crunch one day for dinner there because rice habis. Not enough. So my hungry daughter was only fed with cereals at 630pm for dinner. When I highlighted the matter, no apologies, none. The owner said at least we gave her cereals. And when I speak with other moms, yes, they said the nursery mmg have food issues.

2. Audrene told me when she was given rice, usually it will be in a small portion and she will still feel hungry. When she asked for more, the kakak will say NO. So my daughter was like Oliver Twist.

3. Maira was NOT given dinner at 6pm though the fee I paid should cover the meal. All these while I thought Maira kuat makan cos she'll wrestle food from me whenever I have my dinner. But no, rupanya dia kebulur cos nursery didnt feed her.

4. One day I picked up Maira at 2pm and she was not bathed. She was still in her sleepwear and diapers pun tak tukar. She smelled.

5. When the driver picked up Audrene from kindy, he would bring Audrene to the shop area and leave her alone in a running car while he dropped by at the store.

6. The lil kids are fed using ONE bowl and ONE spoon. They share food. That's why Maira and her friends are always sick.

And this is one thing that I frequently highlighted to the nursery owner but they didnt bother until I had to 'change the tone' of my voice:

1. They find it so difficult to lock the door and gate. The owner told me that the PARENTS are irresponsible for not locking up. Her staff couldnt cope with taking care of kids AND having to lock up. So parents fault ya?

Three incidents happened that need to be told:

1. One of the staff got caught khalwat and had to pay fine. She approached me THREE times for money in within a few months. When I informed the owner, she said "u nak bagi bagilah, up to u". Hmm.. that's it? I tak bagi of cos. When I got the last request, I had to sternly inform the owner that I am unhappy with this and she said "it's the PARENTS' fault for being too nice to the staff." Parents' fault for being too nice? Tak kan kita nak be unkind to the people who take care of our kids kan?

2. When the incident above happened, I highlighted to the owner that the girl is in financial trouble so she could do harm to the kids. What if she took one child? The owner GUARANTEED me nothing will happen to the kids. Then she said, if anything were to happen pun, IT'S OK cos the kids are all INSURED. Apa punya manusia ni kan?

3. This one incident is serious (well, all are but this is SGT scary). One of the lil kids terkena kettle panas because aparently they have always been boling water ON THE FLOOR in the room where there are kids. I need not say more. If you are a parent, I am sure you are speechless now. The owner's reaction? Owh, now we dont boil water on the floor any more. That's it. No remorse, none.
So what another mom and I did was, we called other moms for a parents' meeting. Unfortunately, one of the moms, for whatever reason, told the owner about it and the owner got really mad. She waited for me at the nursery and asked me in for a meeting. I was composed (of cos, anak kita pegi situkan) but she was mad as he**. Terketar2 dia. She ORDERED me to stop calling the parents. She forgot I was the customer and she was the service provider. She called me names and said I am "sick" for complaining. And, she told me to take out my kids. With pleasure, lady. No way, I'm sending my kids to a place run by heartless, horrible people.

Owh, she also mentioned that we pay 'little' and we expect 'International School Standard'. I am sure you will be surprised if I tell you how much the fee was. I told her we only expect 3 things - safety, kebersihan, kesihatan terjaga. Her staff are all form 5 leavers from kampung. International school std? Nahhh, kindy std pun tak lepas.

Actually I have planned to take my girls out since a few months back but Audrene loved her friends there. But, blessing in disguise, the lady called me "sick" hatefully IN FRONT of Audrene (imagine that. Bisnes jaga budak, tapi kata mengata DEPAN budak) so later while I was driving back Audrene said... Mummy, tak pe, Audrene boleh pegi daycare lain. Audrene pun selalu lapar kat situ. My heart broke.

I feel sad, guilty and angry. I have exposed my kids to so many dangers and if anything were to happen to them, I'd rather die. As for the meeting with the parents, it will still go on (sorry ya, lady owner). Even tho my kids are out from there, I will still support other parents. The owners are bullies. They know the parents need their service so they bully them. I will do my best to help the rest and as for the owners, never ever will I forgive you. For the puluh2 ribu I've paid you throughout all these years, if you bagi anything kurang, sorry, I tak halalkan. I am usually forgiving, but these are my kids, so no way.

Ok, people, hope you have a nice weekend. As for me, not until I recover from this horrible experience, I dont think I can sleep well at night.

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