Monday, April 5, 2010

Dinner at Bkt Lanjan

We had dinner at this restaurant located at Bkt Lanjan during the weekend. The food was good, the ambiance was nice and the service was excellent. I had grilled lamb, my hubby had curry mee, my friends had soto, kuew teow, grilled chicken, etc and everyone said their order was yummy. The restaurant has a grand selection of food. Steak ada, fried rice ada, cod fish ada, and ooh they also have tapai pulut with ice cream which is my all-time favourite dessert. As for drinks, they have a wide range from teh tarik to latte to smoothies and barbican. I had a fun time going through the menu but at last I ordered grilled lamb, my fav :)

Goodnite everyone :)

4 squiggles:

zarin said...

mcm best je but where is bukit lanjan ye??hahaha mak tak tau lerr

AKO said...

adehh dah lama tingin nak makan situ tp sbb x familiar area sana.. takut sesat jer hehe

Miss S said...

hi zarin, bukit lanjan dekat dlm sg penchala, off LDP. gelap jalan dia.

hi retna, tak susah sgt nak pegi cuma jln gelap aje.

eynda said...

Ada tengok jalan2 cari makan Serina pegi Subak ni la celebrate besday papa dia...macam best...teringin nak pegi :-)

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