Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hmm hmm hmm... what have my kiddos been up to lately? Macam2!!!

- Audrene has been selected to represent her school for a spelling bee next month... weeheeeeheeee!!! The teacher gave me a set of words to study with her but so far we have only had ONE lesson. Mummy's baddd!!!!

- Maira can speak quite a number of words now. Her favourites are of course "noooooo" and "nenennnnn"!!!!!

- Audrene loves and adores the new baby in the family but Maira, tho she loves the baby, she made sure her grandma and me do not touch the lil one. No way she would share her grandma and mummy with anyone else :p

- Audrene has expanded her favourite song list to include Adam Lambert's Whadaya Want From Me.

- Audrene is still in love with Cedrick aka Edward Cullen. She first saw him in Harry Potter 4 and it was love at first sight.. Hehehe.. HP4 became her fav movie because as she said.. Cedrick handsomeee

- Maira is still being breastfed.. I wonder until when. I want to stop but I dont know how.. Suggestions anyone?

- Audrene has changed her ambition from wanting to become a princess to a doctor. Phew!!

- Maira is very garang. She's one of the kids who will pick up a fight with others at playgrounds :(

- Maira is an adrenaline junkie. She loves doing stunts like stand with her hands free on her rocking horse, climb the door grill and stand on her bike without holding on to the handle. Gosh, she might do well in a circus!

- Both girls LOVE make-up. Both will make a quick dash to my handbag when we are about to go out. They will look for my compact powder and lipstick.

- Girls being girls, both prefer dresses than pants or jeans. Audrene has for a long time been admiring my high heels but lately she has been even more persuasive in making me promise to buy her heels NOW.

- And owh, Maira loves books. Just like her kakak.

And these are all for now. Hope you'll have a good and productive week ahead. It's Monday tomorrow!

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