Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Hello! How's your Saturday so far? Mine is the usual. Breakfast this morning was at Teh Tarik Place, then jalan2 a bit at Ikano, also renewed my roadtax there, then went back home and while Maira napped we managed to watch a movie - Up In The Air (good movie btw).

Later in the afternoon, took the girls to my uncle's place for some pool time, had tea there and now am relaxing for a while before we go out for dinner. Dinner will be at Hokkaido to celebrate Daddy's 36th birthday and for the first time we will bring Baby Arman...yay! Cant wait!

Owh, here are the girls a few minutes ago. Yup, that's their tent where they usually play together :)

Audrene is all settled at a new daycare centre now. So far so good. I could see a lot of difference between the new and previous daycare. Audrene got a lil sick last week and the teachers examined her well and even informed me immediately. Later in the evening I received a concerned sms from the owner who I later found out was in Australia. I am so far very pleased with the attention given by the teachers. They also made sure Audrene finishes off her homework in the afternoon so less stress for me :)

I havent been reading much lately but I hope to finish this book by this week. I have always been a fan of O'Flanagan so I am enjoying this read.

Ok, everyone. Wanna get back to the book since I have about 30 minutes to spare before I need to get ready for dinner. Happy weekend!

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