Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barbies Rock!

Audrene took a picture of her Barbie collection and told me to upload in the computer so here it is :)

I think she has more but these are the ones that she could find in her play room which is a BIG MESS! Okla, the mess is not THAT bad, but the toys are all dumped in a few boxes that make it difficult to find. Nanti lah, one fine day, we'll sort the toys out ye.

This is Audrene and her best friend... Baby Maira of course! Maira is now 9 months old. Time flies kan?? She can now stand and ada try2 to lepaskan tangan but tak berani lagi. She doesn't know how to go back to sitting position while standing so usually she'll stand until she's tired then she'll cry.. ish ish ish!

Ok.. I'm actually waiting for my maggi goreng and teh ais...Dah sampai..Yay!

p/s.. I hate Sunday nights :(

4 squiggles:

superheroes' mom said...

the barbies are gorgeous... sigh... hey, maybe i should start my own barbie collection!! i mean, y not kan? gila ke tak idea i ni ish ish ish

AleO. said...

dengg makes a 21 year old cu pun nak barbies tu. altho mine semua mcm kene leukimia. HAHAHA.

Miss S said...

dikwi, why not? it's fun! but u know what, i geram tengok transformers!!

adik - yr barbies all went thru chemotheraphy. rambut botak :p

Anonymous said...

0_0 owning a transformers collection would make you a super cool mom 0_0

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