Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunway Pyramid - Transformed!

We just got back from Sunway Pyramid. Haven't been there for two years (or maybe more!) and boy was I surprised to see the transformation. Before it was a bit jinjang but now.. whoa...everything's there! Best lah, I like!

We were at Sunway for 5 long hours. Had lunch, jalan2, then had tea, then jalan2 some more, and we also tengok ice skaters at the skating rink. It was Audrene's first time tengok orang ice skate and she was really really interested to try. Maybe in another 2, 3 years k. Now cannot sebab too small, ngeri I!

Yesterday was also a full day for me. We went shopping for Baby Maira. She is now 9 months old so time for us to buy clothes for 9 - 12 months. We also bought her a new car seat. Hers dah a bit small so yesterday we bought one that suits babies of age 9 months to 4 years. And guess what, baru beli semalam, tadi Baby Maira vomitted all over it. Ayoyo!!

Here's Audrene at Wendy's... Don't you just LOVE their strawberry shake?!

Here's Maira comot2 makan baked potato

Maira in her brand new car seat :)

I also watched Angels and Demons last night and as expected IT WAS GREAT!!!! Go go go and watch it everyone!! It was full of suspense right from the very beginning. Many times I tutup mata, tutup telinga sebab takut. Memang 2 thumbs up!!

Ooooooh before the movie started I saw the trailer for Harry Potter 6!!!!!!!! OMG!!! It was awesome!! Dang... I sound like a teenager!!! Hahaha!! But I am sooooo excited. I am a huge huge HUGE fan of Harry and I can't wait for the movie!! Another TWO months to go. Haih...Lamanya!!!!!

It's 9pm already and Baby Maira is well tucked in bed (my bed that is!) and Audrene is busy practising her dance steps. She has a mega concert in August (chewah!) and she has started her rehearsal since 2 weekends ago. Bukan senang nak choreograph little kids ni and I am curious to see the end product. I hope it will be grand.

Ok, everyone, you all know how much I hate Sunday evenings but I will enjoy whatever's left of it. Goodnite!

4 squiggles:

AleO. said...

eekksssssssssss...... comoottt!! naughty naughty :)

Anonymous said...

pe naughty pulak, comel laaaaah!

MN said...

oh, i pun dah LAMA GILAAA tak pegi sunway pyramid.
since they started the renovations.

intheocean said...

shazzzz...went to see angels and demons (here it's called angeli & demoni...hahahha) last night. i agree, it was great. the cinema i went to was just next door from the 'church of fire' where they burnt the second preferiti, it was surreal! can see the cinema we were in in the movie...hahhaha.

i wonder how much of the movie was shot in the real buildings and how much was shot in some other identical rooms in hollywood.

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