Monday, May 4, 2009

Singapore Trip - Day 1 (Updated)

I have had such an eventful weekend - full of excitement and of course... sangat2 banyak menggunakan tenaga. Since it was a long weekend, Daddy and I decided to go for a drive down to Singapore. Main programme was to bring the girls to the Night Safari and the Singapore Zoo. The last time I went to Singapore was when I was 12 (imagine that!) so I was soooooo excited myself!

We left on Thursday evening. Plannya nak leave home by 4pm so we can reach JB in time for dinner. I really wanted to have seafood (esp the ikan pari bakar) at a gerai run by an old auntie but somebody procastinated buat income tax so ended up being online for one whole hour to complete the form. I seriously promise myself... NEVER will I procastinate in filing my taxes. Next year I'll do it once I get my EA form! Promise promise PROMISE!

Oooops back to our Spore trip - So we left home at abt 7pm and had dinner at Restoran Jejambat Ayer Keroh. Right after dinner, we continued our drive. We were all so tired, sleepy and couldn't wait to reach JB. Unfortunately, there was a terrible accident at about 10 minutes before the JB exit. Sikit saja lagi nak sampai tapi we were stuck for HOURS! The accident was serious. There were lotsa police cars, fire engine, rescuers, ambulance. Other people who were also stuck started to go out from their cars to check out what was wrong cos we couldn't see from our cars. I think after nearly 2 hours, the police cleared the road and I could see 3 wrecked cars and one of them was already rentung. We ended up reaching JB at 3am! We quickly checked in and forced the girls to sleep (they were wide awake and excited!).

The next day, kita cepat2 bangun, breakfast and terus head to Singapore. The 2nd Link was clear so we reached Singapore in barely 30 minutes. It took us another 30 minutes to look for our hotel and here are the girls at the hotel room (Audrene of course controlled the TV remote!). We stayed at the Grand Park City Hall at North Bridge Road. Great hotel BUT on the last day we found out that it has no children's pool!! Mummy overlooked!! Sowrie Audrene!!!

After resting for a few minutes, we were hungry so we decided to go to Orchard Road for lunch. This is Daddy and Audrene at the MRT station. It was Audrene's first train ride!

Later that night, we went to the Night Safari. It was a fantastic experience! All of us enjoyed it very much. Here's Kakak while waiting for Daddy who was asking for direction. She sang and danced, entertained the hotel staff and guests at the lobby. Hehe! No shy shy one!

We had dinner there and were soooooo happy to find lamb burgers there. It was the first time I had lamb burger and it was yummay!

This is me and the girls while waiting for the Creatures of the Night Show to start. We lined up for ONE WHOLE HOUR but it was worth it!

Oooops... to be continued. Nak ambik Baby Maira and have dinner!


Sambungan.. hehehe! Ingat nak keluar for dinner tapi tak jadi because Kakak is fast asleep.

Could have taken more pix at the Safari but it was all dark and we were not allowed to use our camera flash or spotlight there. It could make the animals go blind or crazy scared. You wouldn't want the lion to attack you during your tram ride!

What we did at the Night Safari were mainly two activities - the 20-minute Show and the tram ride around the safari. You could opt for a walk along the Fishing Cat Trail. It will take about 1.5 hours while the tram ride takes 45 minutes. Since I was with my 2 little princesses, I opted for the tram ride. The ride was led by a hostess who kept us informed about the animals that we saw. Very educational indeed. Now only I know that a lion could eat 40kg worth of meat at one sitting (meaning one whole ME!) and an elephant can poopoo 90kg worth of dunk at one go (I pity the person who'll have to clean up the mess!).

Audrene was so excited because the deers came very near the tram but of course we could not touch them. They were still animals in the wild after all.

If you are planning to go for an adventure at the Safari, check out the time of the show and the tram rides. Put into consideration that you'll have to wait for an hour for the show (no kidding - weekends!). I suggest for you to be there once it is open - at 6.30pm. We were late so we had to catch the last show for the night and then only went on the tram. Tho Audrene had fun, it was too taxing for her.

We left the Safari feeling happy, impressed (they are world class indeed!) and thrilled to start the next day - a day at the Zoo! While Daddy drove back to the hotel, all three ladies in the car slept like babies (sorry Daddy.. too tired!).

p/s... Did I mention they had Ben & Jerry's there?!!! But too bad they didn't have the most delicious Heath Bar Crunch :p

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Aleza said...

that last picture of you wearing the PURPLE TSHIRT looks familiaaarrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!


dikwirina said...

audrene cutenya! baby maira menggeramkan as always :) and miss s, so kurus..... arrgghhh so jealous!!! he he

Miss S said...

awwww dont be jealous... in a month or two i will look like a walking skeleton or worst - junkie! ugly ugly.. nenen punya pasal :p

adik.. thanks for the tee.. heehee!

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