Saturday, May 23, 2009


Maira loooovveesss my phone. If she's around, I have to sembunyi2 guna phone because she will wrestle the phone off my hand.

As for Audrene, she will conquer my laptop because she can now chat with my sis. Audrene can read and spell 2 suku kata words now. I am indeed impressed with Smart Reader! She will also want to check out her favourite cupcake sites and lately, she is hooked to you tube. I think kids nowadays are advanced... too advanced!

Maira and I are currently waiting for Daddy. Nak pergi lunch and I still want my tosay. Later today I HAVE to finish my storybook because I've been reading it for WEEKS!!!

And I need to call Maybank. I want to redeem my credit card points for MPH vouchers. Yay!!!

2 squiggles:

Anonymous said...

Happy nya diaaaaa!! ^_^

AleO. said...

yes, she looks soo happy makan mummy's phonee!! cu nyer phone pun kene ngap gak smtimes.. hihi. :D

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