Monday, May 4, 2009

Singapore Trip - Day 2 @ The Zoo!

After a loong and tiring Day 1 spent at Orchard Road and The Night Safari, we woke up not as early as we planned (as usual.. *roll eyes*). Cepat2 siap and walked across the street from our hotel for breakfast at McDonald's. After breakfast, terus off to the Zoo.

Us at the entrance - actually this was at the end of the day - after 5 full hours of walking.

There were LOTS of activities at the zoo. Shows, rides, photo opportunities. Audrene managed to make me ride on the elephant. I am so very very afraid of heights and I tried to wiggle my way out but Audrene is a very persistent girl. So here I am on Dumbo with Audrene :p

Another photo of us.. Me and my USD$10 Esprit shades which I bought at Marshall's.. hehehe!

Here's Audrene on a pony. Once she heard there was a pony ride, we had to find the spot IMMEDIATELY. She cannot wait one, nak naik on the spot! The pony ride was at the Kids' World. There was also a mini water park there but the girls' dr advised us against playing at waterparks now. Their dr, btw, is soooo strict - no waterparks, no ikan bilis, no candies (!). So the girls didn't even get a chance to be 100m close to the water park. Haha, too bad!

Just like the day before, we left the zoo feeling very very happy and impressed. Not only that the animals were beautiful to watch (unlike a certain zoo which we recently visited where the animals looked scrawny, sad and ermm a bit dirty), the Spore zoo was clean, the food was great (try the iced lemon tea - freshly brewed to perfection!), the souvenir store had loads of interesting and fun stuff and the staff were helpful, pleasant and cheerful. My only complain was I couldn't see any special rooms for babies. Maybe ada, tapi tak jumpa.

Heaa here are the girls at the end of the day.... pengsan! Adik is very manja... Will cari Kakak and give kakak a BIG hug while sleeping.

p/s.... At least 1 in 5 women in Spore were spotting a LV handbag. At Orchard Road, they were all happily wearing the luxury bags and boy was I suprised to find lotsa women wearing their expensive bags TO THE ZOO! Now I know the meaning of the word "kiasu"! Hahahahaha!

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superheroes' mom said...

ha ha ha ha, trust u to bag-spot :) anw, the singapore zoo sounds like fun!last i went there was when i was 8! time for another visit, hmmnn.... 3 boys plus baby... pengsan la I nk ikut kerenah dorang kat sana

AleO. said...

favourite picture: definitely the one with maira hugging her big sissy. so so adorable :)

Miss S said...

it was so much fun indeed! yr boys and baby will LOVE it!

ps.. but yup, mmg akan pengsan! hehe!

Miss S said...

baby maira yg sendiri pegi peluk kakak :)

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