Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 Movies & A Musical

Awww.. 3-day weekend's over and it is back to work today. Time sure flies when you're having fun, eh? I was pretty busy last weekend. Watched movies that I've been wanting to watch, and went to a musical too.

Revolutionary Road was one of the movies I watched last weekend. An emotionally powerful movie with dialogues you couldn't miss, this movie was also nerve-wrecking and ugly. It was about a couple - played by Leo and Kate Winslet - who were struggling with their marriage. He was stuck with a job he hated and she desperately needed a change. The script was very well-written, and along with brilliant acting, the movie left me feeling somewhat depressed. However, having said that, I would recommend this movie in a heartbeat. Go watch it, people.

The other great movie that I saw this weekend was Changeling. It is a true story about a single mom who lost her son. After 5 months, a boy was returned to her but to her dismay, the boy was not her son. As it is a true story, at times this movie could be very difficult to watch. Tak sanggup. Changeling also left me feeling depressed and sad. Hmmm, just realised - 2 movies and both depressing. And the musical I watched was a sad love story too!

I've been wanting to watch this musical ever since its debut but never managed to get the tickets. So on Sunday my hubby and I finally went to catch the show. Probably my expectation was so high that I thought the show was just good. It was not fantastic, but it was good and I would still recommend to all. The effects and props were great (ada magic trick!). So was the choreography. The script and songs were beautiful too. What went wrong was the acting by the lead actor. Why la a mat saleh to play Hang Tuah? Tak kena lah, and because of that, didn't matter how great Tiara was, the whole show didn't touch my heart. But one thing for sure, I left Istana Budaya with a little crush on the Sultan. Hehe. Not only that he could act, he could sing and dance too. Very well pulak tu. Definitely the best actor lah in the musical. And I can't believe I am going to say this - AC Mizal was also good. I felt terrified of the character he played - Adipati the King.

So that was PGL. I personally like P. Ramlee The Musical more but PGL was also a good show. A must-see despite of the keras-acting by the lead actor. Well, who else nak support Malaysian products if not us, kan?

1 day down, another 3 days to go till the next weekend. This weekend we'll be bringing Baby Maira for her jabs and hmmm probably another baking session? We'll see lah. I did try to bake a chocolate cake but elk.. hard as rock. My mom said she'll come over for my next baking attemp to supervise. I know I am sad but at least I'm trying :p

Alright everyone. Have a great week!

5 squiggles:

dikwirina said...

watched revolutionary road a week ago. i was emotionally spent at the end of it. depressed. haunted. disturbed.
penat la weh.

but it was brilliantly written.

dikwirina said...

me again. ish ish, penyebok betul kan.

went to the 2nd installation of PGL. mmg hang tuah keras and accent tak convincing langsung. tak improve jugak kali ni ye? he he

Miss S said...

i am still haunted by revolutionary road. depressing. and hang tuah sgt kaku. letak sultan jadi hang tuah pun ok.

Aleza said...

hello sissy! im backkk

Anonymous said...

kami tak boleh tengok pgl sebab duit abes shopping and tgk movie. wehehe.

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