Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tagged in FB - 25 random things about me. Hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. I think I'll list down my dislikes lah for a change :p

I don't like....

1. People who don't send their cars for regular service and careless in refueling their cars. They can cause a major traffic congestion if their car rosak tengah jalan. This can lead to moi missing the early bird parking rate hence paying RM30 for a day's parking or picking up the girls late from the nursery and slapped with a huge overtime bill. Sucks :(

2. People with negative vibes. Everything cannot. Everything difficult. Rimas.

3. Timun.

4. Tikus.

5. One of my ex-bosses. Don't even get me started on why.

6. Staying home alone at night. Shiver!

7. Scary movies. Ini memang I teramat tak suka.

8. A.s.t.r.o.C.e.r.i.a.

9. Most of the radio deejays. Are they out of ideas already? Enough of the gender jokes and banters. Soooo old and lame AND silly.

10. Waking up in the morning on weekdays.

11. Kedekut ice cream scoopers. Do not go to N.Z. IceCream at Desa Parkcity. Not only that they serve tiny scoops, melted too. Grrr...

12. Folding clothes. I have a HUGE pile in my guest room right now. Sigh.

13. 'Friends' who only look for you when they need something.

14. Wearing glasses.

15. Feeling hungry all the time.

16. Speaking in public. But I have to, it's part of my job.

17. People who give me a kesian look because I have 2 girls (and no boys). What the??? Please, please, puh-leeeaaze buzz off.

18. Sports. I like going to the gym but playing games I tersangatlah tak suka.

19. Airplane rides.

20. Strangers touching my kids.

21. Taking medication. I hardly take the meds when I'm sick.

22. My addiction for handbags. Seksa!!!!

23. Getting my credit card bill... Huaaaaa!!!!!!

24. People who only take and not give.

25. Waxing my legs. Ouchhh!!!!!

Finally habis pun! Phew! I am going to tag my sister cos I KNOW she has lotsa dislikes.. Hehe.. Here you go dik.. Have fun!

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