Friday, February 6, 2009

Disney Show

Yay! Audrene and I are going to this show! We have been waiting for this show for quite some time and finally it will be here next month.. hurray! Though Audrene might not have any idea where I am taking her, I bet she will be thrilled because she LOVES the princesses, especially Aurora and Ariel. She sings like Ariel. She dances like Aurora. She dresses like Belle. And she sleeps like Snow White. When she was smaller, we wanted her to eat and she replied but Cinderella doesn't eat. So she was on diet like Cinderella :p

We did take her to a Disney On Ice show last year but the princesses were not there. There were Lilo & Stitch, Peter Pan, 101 Dalmations, Lion King and many more. She enjoyed the show tremendously and had fun buying the merchandise but when I asked her a few days ago if she remembered going to the show, she said no. Tak ingat dah.

So I had a good week but am still very very happy that it's already the weekend. Long weekend pulak tu. I am going to catch PGL the Musical on Sunday (finally!!) and hope to catch up with some reading. That's all. Got to go cos Audrene is wrestling the laptop from me. TTFN ;)

5 squiggles:

Aleza said...


shes gonna be sooo thrilled!

Anonymous said...

ah akak sudah maju. now i yang xtau what TTFN stands for -__-"

Miss S said...

Mr Shafiq, hi! it's tata for now ;)

dikwirina said...

shaz, kalau I pegi I nak bawak sapa ek?


Miss S said...

all princesses tu ada prince. yr heroes can go and jadi the prince? ;)

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