Sunday, February 15, 2009

Milkmaid Tea

Penatnya!! Just came back from The Curve. Kendong-ed Baby Maira and half-way through realised that I carried her all wrong. Sakit pinggang weh.

Went to MPH and bought 2 books - High Noon by Nora Roberts and Shoe Addicts Annonymous by Beth Harbison. No idea when I'll be reading them. Don't seem to have extra time for books lately. Too much TV and the internet. As usual, my mom will read the books first. If they're good, she'll recommend. If not, simpan sajalah.

Baby Maira is now 6 months and yesterday she had her jabs. Next jab will be when she turns 1. Yay! Milestone @ 6 months is - I am back to my pre-pregnancy size (Mummy's milestone.. :p)! Long-live breastfeeding! Hehe! However, of late, I've been really lazy and careless in expressing and storing milk for Baby Maira. As the production is based on demand, my supply decreased dramatically until a week back I was nearly out-of-stock. Tinggal 2 bottles in the freezer! I panicked and immediately bought the miracle milkmaid tea. I remember when I drank it during Audrene's time, it did wonders and I managed to breastfeed Audrene until she was 2 1/2years old. As expected, after taking 2 mugs, the tea worked its miracle and now I am out of bottles. Hurray!

Ooops, nearly bedtime already. Need to do my usual - bottles, kids' clothes for nursery, Audrene's stuff for school, etc.. etc.. Good night!

4 squiggles:

Anonymous said...

ummm xtau nak comment apa -__-" lol

dikwirina said...

shaz, i pun always ada that milkmaid tea. kalau rasa gersang aje, i minum. he he.

heh, i breastfeed cam nak gila apsal still have to lose many many kgs??? takpe takpe, i shall persevere...

Miss S said...

sedap ke tea ni kak?

Aleza said...

eh, i commented using ur profile! hihihi oopsie sorriieee!


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