Thursday, February 26, 2009


My darling Baby Maira will turn 7 months next week. Here are her latest pics :D

She looks different from her kakak now, with totally different personality. And I love them both :)

3 squiggles:

Aleza said...


tgk tu maira pose kat the last picturee.. huhuhu..

kemam kemammm!!!

bila nak datang? *wink wink*

intheocean said...

shaz, tell me how is maira different from the kakak...jauh macam ni i can only read your blog!

Miss S said...

juya!! hi!!

lain sgt! audrene doesnt like food - maira does. marah if we lambat suap. audrene tido dlm cot sampai besar - maira tak nak. nak tido dengan kita. audrene duduk dlm stroller - maira nak kena kendong. audrene is addicted to nenen - maira tak (phew!). audrene tak berapa friendly, hardly senyum & susah nak warm up to people - maira smiles at everyone. lain kan?

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