Monday, February 2, 2009


It's FT Day yesterday so this means that I get a day off work today. After sending Audrene to school (late as usual.. went out and realised that I left her school bag..I think I am actually 65 years old and not 33) and Baby Maira to the nursery (can't take care of her today cos I'm sick), I went for nasi lemak and right after to the neighbourhood shoplots looking for a reflexology treatment. To kill time before having to fetch Audrene from school. There are at least 5 reflexology centres there and none are open. It was about 10.30am then. There was one centre which says that there's a 50% discount for all early birds - from 10am to 3pm - but the centre opens at 11am. Unbelievable.

Feeling frustrated, I went home and decided to bloghop. I stumbled upon this blog which I think belongs to my friend's sister. Great posts, a very good writer indeed. And from there I clicked on the links and found out that one of her blogger friends has passed away last year. I then read the posts that her friends wrote on her passing and I couldn't help but to cry. They were all so sad. The late blogger was a mommy and she loved Shopaholic too, just like me. She wrote so fondly about her kids and family, and how happy she was loving all of them. Reading her posts makes me realise that I have taken so many things for granted in my life. I have so many complaints and so little gratitute. I must change!

I also read a post by a mommy that wished she could give more for her kids. I don't know what she does but she said that she doesn't earn much hence couldn't afford to send her kids to all the dancing, piano, art, taekwando classes. I also read one post by another mommy complaining that the price of food at this popular restaurant is expensive that she couldn't take her kids there more than once a month. Wow. Now I am really thankful for my job cos it gives my kids a really comfortable life. They can go to any classes that they want, they can buy whatever toys that they fancy and they can eat whatever their hearts desire (tho Baby Maira prefers breastmilk only). I sometimes (or probably always) complain about work so from today onwards that is not going to happen again. I am going to make sure my new job is going to work out for me, bad traffic and all.

So that's my day so far. Audrene is at home, playing alone in her playroom. The cleaners are in too, ironing clothes and scrubbing my kitchen (I cooked yesterday and left a horribly greasy mess which I lazily biarkan knowing that the cleaners will be coming today). Later I will bring Audrene to my parents' home because I really need that massage session. The fever I'm having makes my body aches everywhere.

Oooops it's past 3pm and I have totally forgotten to express milk for Baby Maira. Way to go, Mummy, first it's Audrens's education and now it's Maira's food. See... Told ya I'm 65.

Gtg. Have a great week everyone.

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dikwirina said...

It's true that we tend to take things for granted. We complain about little things and grumble abt nonsense.
Must remember to count our blessings.

dikwirina said...

were u in the same uni as Lan? Azlan Mohamad?

Miss S said...

yes, same univ w lan.

Aleza said...

akak..ive read the late mummy's blog.. its so sad.. and ive read her friends' blogs.. and i cried too!

sedihnya :(

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