Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catching Up Saturday

I've been wayyy too busy with the kids lately that I haven't been reading and watching tv. So today, since Audrene's at her weekend getaway (my parents' home, seperti biasa) I am doing a zillion things at one time. Right now alone, I am typing this post while reading Sheila O'Flanagan's Bad Behaviour (a book that I bought 2 months ago) and flipping through January's In Style (yes, I have 3 hands.. heheh). At the same time, I am watching What About Brian on 711 and enjoying my large pack of Chachos alone... Heaven!

Baby Maira is within my eye sight, shrieking and trying to sit. Alamak.. dia dah start nangis dah.. Nak dukung la tu. Adoii!

Ok, multi-tasking's over. Have to dukung Adik :p

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Aleza said...

u should kendong her. trus tidoo hehe

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