Saturday, May 30, 2009

Audrene's 1st Report Card Day

Thursday was Audrene's first ever Report Card Day and just like any other mommies, I was sooooo excited. This will be the first time that I will hear comments on my little girl by non-family members. Wee hee! Excited!!

So... what did her teachers say about her??? Ehem.. ehem...They say that she's polite, well mannered, participative (will volunteer to tulis answer on the blackboard), loving (she gives her BM teacher a hug and tells her she loves her EVERY DAY... woo hoo hoo!), very interested to learn, and banyak lagi positive comments... ermmm... shy pulak I nak tulis... hehehehehe!! She is after all in kindie. I am sure the teachers have many many great things to say about all other kids too but still I am SUPER DUPER proud of my little girl :)

This is Audrene before going off to school... Happy happy because both mummy and daddy ada!

After we were done with the report card, as promised, I took her out for a movie. We went to catch Night At The Museum 2 and Audrene brought her grandparents along! What a treat for her! Seronok sangat, and bising sangat dalam cinema... Marah the couple who sat next to us!

After the movie, we went book shopping. I memang ketinggalan zaman. Only now nak start baca the Twilight series. Only bought the first 2 books, just in case I don't like it. Also bought Trading Up by Candace Bushnell. Haven't started reading any of the books cos work is getting busier and busier each day. My mom and my sis are reading 'em books first!

Ok, everyone, gotta pick Maira. Had to send her to the daycare this morning cos I have sooOOOooo much chores to do (ayo!) and Baby Maira nak dukung all the time. Susah mummy nak sidai baju so terpaksalah hantar nursery :p

Ok, everyone, till later!

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intheocean said...

good job to both mummy and audrene!

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