Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mari Tindik Telinga

After 2 whole days of whining, pestering and constant, continuous persuasion, my mom and I brought Audrene to Poh Kong to get her ears pierced on Monday. As usual, Mummy's very worried and asked Kakak 10,000 times if she was really sure about it. Kakak, of course, was VERY sure. Before pegi, Kakak said that she's a strong girl and will tahan sakit. She told me 'she's all ready for it'. Ok then, jom pegi tindik telinga!

Here's my mom making marks on my little girl's ears. Little dots for the piercing.


Done! And no tears! That's my little girl :)

She then said "see.. told you I am ready!!". Yeah yeah.. you were ready indeed :p

So that was how Audrene got her ears pierced. Awwww.. my baby's a little girl now...sob sob!

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AleO. said...

awww shes a strong girrll!!

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