Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More On Singapore!

The best meal we had in Singapore was at Arab Street.. Eh no, the restaurant, called Islamic Restaurant, was very near Arab St but actually it was on North Bridge Rd. The beryani was very good. I ofcourse had the lamb beryani - the lamb was so soft and the rice was so tasty.

Check out Audrene's face when she saw the beryani.. Eksyen je tu, dia bukan makan sgt pun :p I also had the masala tea... oooo so strong but sooo sedap! Price was reasonable -S$6 for the beryani. The shop was old, I think it was already 90 years old! Owh! Even our PM ate there. The shopowner had a picture of him and our PM on the wall :)

Also along the block there was a mamak restaurant called Restaurant Zam Zam where they served really great murtabak. We went there for breakfast. Did take pix of the delicious murtabak but I used my phone and of course I tak reti nak download the pix to my laptop. I am so helpless when it comes to gadgets! Daddy!! Help!!.

Ahhhh here's Audrene after her short dip in the pool. She was waving her hands at Daddy while jerit "Cepat! Cepat!". Usually when we go off for a holiday, the first 2 things that Audrene will pack are her swimsuit and goggles. Unfortunately this time mummy overlooked - the hotel had no kiddies' pool! Sorry!!!

After the short dip at the pool, we quickly packed and checked out. On the way back, we made a stop at Suntec Mall. Didn't want to go to Orchard Road because of the large crowd there. Only bought 2 pairs of shoes at Charles & Keith. They were having end of season sale and had really great bargains. I bought 2 pairs for less than S$70. I saw some really nice flats for S$14 - S$19!! Unfortunately the girls were already in a crappy mood so couldn't stay long. But in a way good for me... less damage!

Here's another pix of Audrene. She LOVES rides so here she is on yet another ride!

Alrighty, goodnite, yyyaaaAWWNNnnnnn!

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nasi beriyani.... yummmmmmm

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