Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paper Princesses

Do you remember the paperdolls that kedai runcit used to sell when we were small? Yes, the cardboard dolls with beberapa set of outfits tu. I used to play with them and even bring them to school to play with my friends. I don't see them in the market anymore but a week ago I went to the bookstore with Audrene and we found two books of princess paperdolls - with the princes too! My little Audrene pun apa lagi..excited sampai nak tercabut her eyeballs from her tiny head and terus ambik le!

There are 2 of those books, 3 princesses in a book. Last week Audrene bought one and today she bought the other one. Here are some of the paperprincesses and their paperdresses. Aren't they so so SO CUTE?!

Ermmm... Audrene dah start main "kawin kawin" with these paperdolls... should I be alarmed? She's only FOUR!

Btw, as expected, I had a VERY TIRING day but am so glad that I completed ALL my tasks. I can sleep well tonight... weehee.. Besok pagi2 nak bangun pegi pasar. I plan to cook for my family as we have 2 celebrations overdue. Hehe you know how terrer I am in the kitchen right? I hope everything will turn out ok. Eheh.. am actually planning to grill je. Kalau tak lepas jugak, tak tahu lah. Hehehehe!

Owh this was taken just now at DSH while waiting for Baby Maira's turn. Maira's alright now (yippee!). She only needs to continue with her nose spray and inhaler for another 2 weeks. Dr said her lungs are all fine. Here are the girls with their "Mak" - my mom!

Ok, sleepyyyy sgt already.. Goodnite! Zzzzzzzzz..

4 squiggles:

Aleza said...

hehe audrene kan dulu dia nak kawen ngan uncle shafiq.. siap naik pelamin lagi tau! and cu wasnt invited :((

Anonymous said...

yeesss sheee did.. n ade org merajuk hahaha XD

intheocean said...

we call them 'anok kang' in terengganu :) sara and i loved them!

Miss S said...

oooh i play with paperdolls A LOT when i was small!

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