Monday, December 21, 2009

D Girls' Pool Holiday In Penang

We went to Penang for 2 nights on Thursday cos the girls, esp Audrene (ok la, I sebenarnya, hehe), needed a holiday. To her holidaying means hanging out at the pool so we went to look for a place with a nice pool and kids' room just in case the weather's wet. As usual, kita plan lambat so most of the hotels at Batu Feringghi were fully booked. Luckily we managed to get 1 night stay at Parkroyal and the other night at Equatorial.

Here are some photos taken in Penang. This is my darlin' Baby Maira who is 1 yr 4 months now. Ni tengah main at the kiddies room in Parkroyal. The first day we were there it rained cats and dogs so we lepak2 indoor saja.

Baby Maira and Daddy walking to the pool :)

Audrene enjoying her burung puyuh & nasi kandar @ Subaidah.. nyummmm...

Jalan2 at the bazaar depan hotel in Batu Feringghi.

Audrene on a trishaw. Seronok sgt dia naik beca :)

Some pool shots.. Tak takut langsung Audrene main kat slide tu.

At the lobby. Maira was tired after spending a couple of hours in the pool with kakak.

At the garden in Equatorial.

That was 3 tiring days for me. Now we are back in KL and I am enjoying my break by hanging out at the gym. Will be taking the girls to the cinema later today for The Princess & The Frog. I hope it will be entertaining and I hope Maira will enjoy it too. Bye2 and have a great week everyone!

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