Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm 34!

It's the time of the year again when I add another number to my age. Yeap, it's my birthday today and I haven't been doing anything special. As usual, woke up in the morning but a lil bit early today due to sms beeps - birthday wishes from my loved ones :) Then, siapkan the girls, dropped them at the nursery and off to the gym I went. FF has a new yoga class today and I am excited to try out. I think it's called Hot Flow where you exercise in a warm room. I like it cos it made me sweat more but I have to remember to bring a bottle of water next time. Felt a lil thirsty half-way thru the class.

The rest of the peeps in the class are usuals I think cos their body are much more flexible than mine. All of them can do splits except me who couldn't even slide half-way down :p But it's ok, I hope with practice, my unflexible body can be more flexi sooooon. After yoga, I had my usual cup of coffee at the lounge and hung around for a few minutes. Then off I went to The Curve for errands.

Oooh something happened at The Curve just now. I went to one of the shops to get some stuff. After deciding what to buy, I went to the cashier to pay. I used my debit card and after the transaction completed ie I signed the bill and received the receipt from the cashier, the cashier forgot to pass back my debit card so I had to ask from him. I may be paranoid or I may be wrong but I felt as if he didn't hand me the card on purpose. I thought his 'surprised look' when I asked for my card back was fake. As mentioned, I may be wrong but I hope all of you will be careful. If anyone were to get hold of our debit card, memang they can use it easily cos the transaction doesn't require us to key in our pin no.

Eh nearly 5pm already. Gotto go out sekejap to ambik my sports shoes yg I hantar at the cobbler this morning. Adik cobbler nak balik at 530! Chao!

6 squiggles:

Foxy Farah said...

happy birthday! :) have a great one :)

Aleza said...

happy birthday sissy poo!

HEE love ya loads!


Miss S said...

foxy farah & sissy - thank you!!!!! :D

superheroes' mom said...

Shaz. Happy 34th Birthday! Now kita sama..hehe... but u will always stay 22 to me... summer of 96 in memory :)

Shafiq Hakim said...

akak, you're not 18? :/

Miss S said...

superheroes' mom - that summer was one of d best time ever!

shafiq - i'm always 18 ;p

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