Monday, December 14, 2009

Exercising is Tough!

Omigosh! After months of neglecting the gym, I feel soooooo out-of-breath after the body balance class I attended just now. And boy, I sweat a lot and looked like a half dead puppy at the end of the session. This cannot happen again. I promise myself that I'll go to the gym every day while I'm on leave, unless I'm out-of-town of cos. Mengah ok!

I am having a swell time today. I woke up (late) and sent the girls to the nursery. Then I hit the gym. The instructor was 30 minutes late but it was ok cos I got to read my book while waiting. After gym, I picked up Audrene and went for a roti canai session with her. Now I'm at home, checking FB and updating my blog. Once done, I'll be back reading. Weeeee... heaven! And I'm looking forward to the seafood dinner tonight. We plan to go to Hokkaido in KL. I've never been there before so I hope it's good.

Till later.. Have a great week everyone!

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Aleza said...

hehehe lama lagi for u to get back ur energy sissy poo! :D

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