Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gym Buddy

I thought I could accomplish a lot during my break unfortunately I haven't even accomplished half of the things that I had planned to do *sigh* I have only finished reading two books..TWO! And I haven't started working on my scrapbook. I haven't even gotten to selecting the my...So far, I've only gone to the gym as much as I could and that's it. Haven't been doing anything much but exercising and hanging out with the girls. I have a week left though. Let's see if I can cram some activities next week.

Owh yah, I've been watching A LOT of TV series so that explains why I haven't been doing anything else. I was glued to Brothers & Sisters and the latest season brings me lots and lots of tears. Audrene caught me weeping a few days ago and gave me a big hug. I've also been watching the latest Grey's Anatomy (sedih jugak) and today I've started watching Criminal Minds. This show is scary ok. It's soooo creepy and it scares the sh*t out of me and at times I wonder why I'm doing this to myself. But I like this show, I like it more than CSI. Sgt2 mendebarkan *gulp*

And oooh oooh oooh my sister has started joining me at the gym!! After all these while of being a member I had no idea I could bring a guest during weekends. Rugi rugi! So yesterday I dragged my sister and we stayed there for hours. Exercise exercise then minum2 then exercise (while borak2) and minum2 lagi. Got free fizzy drinks, coffee and tea, tu yang best tu! Both of us bukannya nak lose weight or aiming for a fab bod (eeeks... hehe) ke apa. Kita just need the endorphine rush to stay happy and calm haha! We will once again melepak at the gym tomorrow morning and ada pilates besok... Weee bestnya ada gang kat gym!!

Ok goodnite, I want to get back to the creepy Criminal Minds. Have a great week everyone :-)

3 squiggles:

Aleza said...

hello gym buddy! tmrw wake me up! hikhikhik

Eti Karim said...

hmmm another gym buff I see!!!
great that you have a gym buddy. I have been going to the gym alone these days. one colleague gave up (on gym I hope, and not me, he!he!) and another is very pregnant and not willing to walk to the gym at lunch time! hope she'll join me after her maternity leave...

Miss S said...

hi eti, yup, more fun exercising with a buddy but unfortunately i can enjoy this much gym time until the end of the week. it's back to work next week :)

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