Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Snowing!

Ho ho ho Merry Xmas! And what a great surprise, it was snowing at The Curve! Hehe! Some pics taken after the girls and I watched The Princess & The Frog last night. The movie, btw, was such a fun watch. Audrene and I enjoyed it very much. Audrene laughed and laughed throughout the show while Maira giggled, jumped up and down and scared the sh*t out of org kat kiri kanan depan belakang, danced, turun naik tangga and pooped, yeap pooped, in the cinema. I totally pity the 2 couples who sat beside us cos the smell was erghhhh *funky* :p

We had dinner at Tony Roma's. Hubby, my parents and sister joined us. Maira was soooo happy to have more company. She was smiling from ear to ear :D

Another pleasant surprise! They gave us some complimentary dessert and drinks. They must be in the mood for Xmas already :)

After what I had last night, I'll be spending the day at the gym again today. Got lotsa calories to burn. Chao!

ps I have watched up to Eps 12 (or 13, tak sure) of GGirl Season 3 and Serena is getting on my nerves. Simply irritating! She is not my fav character anymore. Now it's Mr Chuck Bass. After GGirl, I tuned on to Grey's Season 6. Wahhhh I missed a few eps of Season 5 and suddenly in Season 6 McDreamy and Meredith are married, Izzy and Karev are also married, Izzy has cancer and George is ......mmmmm.... am not telling! Haha! But what a drama!! Anyway, I LOVE the show. I think this new season is better that the previous season. Oh my fav character is..... ermmmm....McSteamy..hehehe!

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Eti Karim said...

Hi there, just blog hopping. Came from Superheroes'mom's blog. Your girls are adorable. Hope you don't mind if I add your blog in my blog list. Ciao!

Miss S said...

Hi Eti, of cos I dont mind :D Yr kids are cuties too!

Aleza said...

heee lookie mairaaaa and audreneeee so happy! n lookie my haiiirr!! i like! PUT KAT FB AND TAG ME SISTERRR

superheroes' mom said...

i wish my sis would be my gym buddy too... tapi tapi dia tak nakkkkkk!! i really should enrol in the gym near my house and take up some simple classes like aerobics or jazzercise...

日月神教-任我行 said...


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