Monday, December 14, 2009


I've just finished these 3 books by Patterson and ok la, I like them all. Fast read. It took me a while to finish Double Cross cos I was busy with work but i took 2 days each to finish Step On A Crack and Sail. Step On A Crack is alright, about a hostage situation in NYC. Sail is a bit predictable and common. Lotsa movies like that on TV - new husband trying to kill the whole family for money. But it was still an enjoyable read.

Now I'm taking a break from Patterson and will be reading these 2 books. I love Sheila O'Flannagan's books :)

And I still have another 2 Patterson books to read...Yay! My mom highly recommends this book.

My long break begins today and I'll be hitting the gym everyday (woohoo!) so ta-ta!

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superheroes' mom said...

wah, u r a patterson fan ya!

Aleza said...

i want to read sail!

just finished you have been warned. now i want to read saill! is it with you?

Miss S said...

ye, with me. nanti i bawak ye.

superheroes' mom - we always meet here, i wanna meet you 'live'... hehehe... lama tak jumpa!!! when r u free la?

superheroes' mom said...

shaz, nak cakap free tu la yg susah dengan askar2 ni hanging to my skirt all the time... huwaaa!!

nak jumpa nak jumpa! bila? lusa i nak gi alor setar pulak, after that balik dungun after that gi 'honeymoon'.....

Miss S said...

ooooh totally understand with little people hanging to our skirts hehe! balik from your honeymoon ke. i cuti sampai jan..weehee!

have fun honeymooning. regards to yr mr ako who doesnt age :)

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