Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seafood @ Hokkaido

We had seafood dinner at Hokkaido last night and it was superb! We ordered salted eggs crab (their specialty), chili prawns, siput sedut, steamed fish and vege. The portion was just nice for us - 3 adults and 2 kiddos - and **kachinggg** it was RM134!!! I was surprised - pleasantly surprised. I am definitely going back for more seafood there. Banyak lagi yang kalau boleh nak order but there were just 3 of us adults, tak habis pulak nanti. Price was really reasonable but most importantly it was super fresh and super delicious. Even Audrene and Maira enjoyed the food. Sgt2 sedap! Oooops have I mentioned that too many times already? Ya, mmg sedap, go eat there everyone!

Here are some pictures of us and Auntie Juya who came back for a short visit from Rome. Didnt take much pics bec was too hungry. We made a mess out of the table btw :p

ps.. Hokkaido is located somewhere near Vistana, KL.

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