Sunday, December 14, 2008

Burn After Reading

Those who are in lurve with Brad Pitt MUST watch this movie:

Big stars sure act like darn fools in this black comedy! It is about 2 gym workers who stumble upon a CD that contains memoirs of an ex-CIA agent and try to gain $$ out of it. Brad Pitt stars as one of the gym workers. I have seen ALL movies by Brad Pitt and never have I seen him in a role like this... So moronic! Same goes to Clooney!

The other gym worker, played by Frances McDormand, plans to spend the $$ they thought they could squeeze out of the agent on PLASTIC SURGERY. How pathetic is that? Haha, this movie will bring you on a roller coaster of emotions that will have you laughing one second and gasping in shock in the next. Do watch it - I totally recommend!

Another black comedy that I must mention is this:

Who would have thought that a movie on a funeral could be dead funny? This movie kept me laughing from start to the end. It's British. I don't usually watch British movies, but this I like.

Ok, need to get back to my book since Baby Maira's fast asleep & Audrene's busy with her new jigsaw puzzle. Another 20 pages to go!

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