Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seasons Greetings!

I have suddenly caught the New Year spirit. Was indifferent before but now all I can think of is the jolly of year end and of New Year's resolutions. This is after spending a splendid day which started with yoga and ended with a most relaxing hair treatment by hubby's hairstylist (yup, my hubby has got a hairstylist, and me, I am still struggling to find meself one who can do wonders to my limp, and now dropping, permed hair).

Soooo... like many others, I have made some promises to myself. This year, I would like to list them down in black & white so that every quarter I can appraise myself.

My KPIs for 2009 will be:

  1. Wake up by 6.30am every workday and arrive at the office by 8.45am.... I know... you will be asking isn't this what you should be doing all these years???
  2. Attend yoga classes at least twice a week. Would like to go for more classes, but have to be realistic :(
  3. Save 20%... ooops... 15% of my pay every month.... NO EXCUSES!!!!!
  4. Cook at least once a week.
  5. Bake at least once a month...Ok, this is going to be the toughest cos up till now I don't even know how to use my oven.........and last but not least.....

Now... what do you think? Have I set the standards too low? Should I stretch myself further? No need lah kan? Life is about having fun anyway. Like what the trainer of one workshop that I recently attended said.. If you feel like buying new clothes ke, handbags ke, please buy, cos if you die today other prople will enjoy your money... How true! And what will be my bonus if I achieve all of the above? Hmmm hmmm hmmm... this will need to be discussed further. Hehe!

Am signing off.. Would like to continue reading James Patterson's 7th Heaven. As you know, I am a huge fan of Patterson now and am not getting enough of Lindsay Boxer and her Women's Murder Club. I feel like I am one of them now ;p

I have another 2 Patterson books that I haven't read.... *bliss*

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

ooh the no buying handbags will be harrrddddddd~~


Jasmine Melor said...

need to 2nd Aleza on that #6 woman! what did we window shop for and what did you said you WANTED to get??!

Feel so proud that I 'unknowingly' reason out with you not to sell your black coach.. ha ha!

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