Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yummy Saturday

Had a really grand day yesterday. What did we do? We ate & ate! Where did we go? TGIF of course!

These are among the yummy dishes that we had (I am posting these pix because I know my lil sis will drool at 'em):

My all-time favourite
This is new...

This is Audrene's...

Also had the grilled lamb but the photo's not available. Later that night, we went out again for dinner. As we have never explored the newest Giant nearby, we decided to go there and boy was I excited to find Wendy's, JCo & Starbucks there!

I had the most delicious shrimp burger (but a bit small lah, not enough for breastfeeding mummy like me). And right before we left, got myself a FREE glaced donut from JCo. Ain't that great?! I LOVE free stuff! Thanks, JCo... That really made my day!

p/s... because I ate so much yesterday, today its just rice, soupy vege and fish with longans for dessert... sedap jugak... :)

3 squiggles:

Aleza said... im jalous...

da la tgh lapa nih! :((

Shaz said...

panther tgh buat goreng pisang..nak sikit? hehe..

Anonymous said...

pisang goreng tududu

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