Tuesday, December 2, 2008


For the first time - I HAVE BEEN TAGGED!!! And I was tagged by rhadykallzone aka mr grammatical errors aka my sister's boyfriend *BIG SMILE*

So here I go...

01 - List 10 things you know about the person who tagged you.

1. he's my sissy's boyfriend
2. he's not skinny *wink*wink*
3. he is rabun
4. he seems to be quite funny
5. UIA student
6. owns a pair of LARGE white sneakers
7. LOVES spicy kitchen... heheh
8. has a 6-yr-old little sister
9. has his hp glued to his fingers (sms 24 jam!)
10. resembles a fair huggable teddy bear

02 - Now, list 10 things about yourself.

1. I have 2 INCREDIBLY beautiful and smart little girls
2. I have 1 very supportive hubby
3. I am NOT a morning person
4. I am scared shit of rats
5. I can detect stupidity with just a handshake
6. I love durian, petai, tempoyak, cencaluk, sambal belacan..yummm
7. I am a handbagaholic I need help!
8. I am addicted to vanilla latte
9. I can hardly cook
10. My hair is dropping like crazy now I think I'm gonna be bald

3 - Finally, choose 5 people to tag and list their names.

Alamak... tak de...

2 squiggles:

Anonymous said...

Nadia loves Spicy Kitchen. I prefer Uncle Rahim actually. Less expensive hahaha. And, mana ada sms 24 jam!!! 23 saje ;P

Aleza said...


alamak bald eh akak? :))

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