Monday, December 15, 2008

When Audrene Goes Shopping

Here's a photo of Audrene when she went shopping for her birthday gift from me (this was a couple of weeks back..baru upload gambar). Note the RM10 she's holding :) - Nak beli Barbie Diamond Castle "yang besar"!

She was also lucky that day cos real-life Princess Liyana was there.. But shy Ms Audrene didn't want to take a pix with the Princess and as Mummy was struggling with a bouncy Baby Maira...tak pe lah.. next time :p

Pix of Princess Liyana taken by Chewy

Mummy & Chewy LOVE Barbie too

"2 voices 1 songggg...."

6 squiggles:

Anonymous said...

"2 voices 1 songggg...."

Umm apakah itu??

Aleza said...

i can answer that!

that is diamond princess nye song!

'2 voices one soonnng'

kat barbie tu ada button can repeat the song over and over again. nasib lagu dia sedap! hihihi

Shaz said...

ooh u hv to introduce barbie diamond castle to nana... best!! seriously.. BEST!!

Anonymous said...

nana ada princess mariposa barbie~

Aleza said...

cu tak penah tgk mariposa n diamond castle...

this is saad!


Shaz said...

tengok la mariposa n diamond castle.. best!

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