Friday, December 12, 2008

Should I?

I want this *quite* badly:

I saw this bag advertised in an online shopping site a couple of weeks back & have drooled at the pix ever since. I think it's stylish, big enuff for me to dump Baby Maira's diapers, clothes, towel, n, most important of all, I think it will look pretty good on me ;)

However, one thing about me is - I don't feel comfortable shopping online. I don't shop online. Esp for things like clothes, handbags... Ni semua I kena try try dulu. So a few days ago, while I was lazying around at Starbucks, I saw a mom about my height, with a stroller n a baby n THIS DREAM BAG OF MINE! I was soooooo excited and tempted to rush to her and ask if she would let me try it. Nak, tak nak, nak, tak nak..After about 5 minutes of toying the idea in my head I decided to abort the idea...Malu lah.. And, nanti orang ingat I kookoo, or worst, nak rompak dia pulak!

So this morning, I have decided to check out the price. Manalah tahu, within budget ke. I've sent an email & am now waiting patiently for the reply.

Please please please... cheap cheap cheap ... *praying*

4 squiggles:

Aleza said...

ahahaha nnti dia ingat akak nak rompak pulak hahaha

Anonymous said...


Shaz said...

gucci :)

Anonymous said...

ltaklah shoutbox. bulih kami spam=D

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