Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my birthday today - I'm 33!

So far, I've had 2 birthday celebrations - lunch with my colleagues (soon to be ex-colleagues...bummer) and dinner with my family last night (thanks, y'all). Pix and story about the dinner have been posted by my darling sis. Click here.

Tonight, will further celebrate with my hubby, brother Eja, and wifey Auntie Mai. Location : tbc - alah, mesti Curve or One U ni...mana lagi :)

In the spirit of my birthday, I'd like to recap what I've accomplished during this past year...Note: NOT in any particular order....*wink*

  1. Gave birth to the beautiful, healthy (n drooling) Baby Maira
  2. Bought a "new arrival" all-leather Coach handbag for half the price (ehem... accomplishment being buying it for 50% less)
  3. Did not buy a single make-up....Whoa! How did I pull this off?? Hope I was not a little uglier than usual!
  4. Bought only 4 pairs of shoes for myself (really?? Let me recount.....1..2..3..and 4! eh ye la!)
  5. Signed up for Fitness First (People, I am SERIOUSLY proud of this!)
  6. Overcame my fear of WAXING...My legs are smooth and silky now :p
  7. And finally... Got meself a new job... Hurray!!!!

Ofcourse, I also have a few regrets:

  1. Hired and fired a young, lying and ungrateful maid who ate like there's no tomorrow
  2. Still have not mastered how to operate my oven (I hereby promise myself... I will learn how to bake during my 2-week break)
  3. Bought this particular breastpump which is not user friendly
  4. Permed my hair!!! Should have gone for rebonding! Huaaaa!

However, all-in-all, I had a great year. I had a wonderful pregnancy, smooth delivery and a most enjoyable 2-month maternity leave. Oh oh oh... hubby's on the way back already. Gotto go get ready to celebrate my birthday :)

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

happy besday akak~~

heheheh ur list is funny!

(especially the maid! huahuahua)

p/s. ala best nyaaaa g makan birthday dinner lg! huhu.. have a fun and filling dinner! weee~~

Anonymous said...

I wanna eaaaat tooooooo~

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