Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scrapbooking is Fun!

After a few hours, the pages are nearly done. They are all a lil bare, in need of more embellishments - more little flowers, stickers, ribbons here and there - so I will happily make another trip to Papier tomorrow. Me first-timer.. terkial2 tampal stickers and nasib baik my 2 munchkins are at the daycare.. can peacefully concentrate :)

Some of the pages that I'd like to share:

My 2 little girls @ 1-day old... Muka sama kan?

Baby Maira smiling away

Audrene the Little Mermaid

Playing dress up

Tak sah kalau tak ada gambar birthday... Audrene LOVES birthdays (and tiaras!)
Now with Maira, we get to have TWO birthday parties in a year... Hooray!!

If you go to the shop, there are lotsa pages that have been creatively decorated on display. Cantik sangat2. Unfortunately, I am not so creative. I pakai tampal2 saja. But hmmm...probably tomorrow I'll go over there and ermmm.. curi some ideas. Hehe...Why not kan? :p

Friends, if you haven't tried scrapbooking, I totally recommend it. It is just so much fun choosing the stuff and dressing up the pages. Click here for info. I see that they even have workshops. Have fun y'all!

4 squiggles:

Aleza said...

i shall squiggle away in this post..

cantik scrapbook akak. weee. cantik cantik!

boy, u really are making a productive holiday kan kak? huhu.scrapbooking, baking.. weee~

ure super-mommy!

Miss S said...

lagi 2 hari aje.. will make the fullest out of it! besok gym AGAIN!

Armia Redza said...

bley guna sticker machine eja tu...huhu

Miss S said...

yeap!!! kena buat masa audrene tak de.. kalau tak mmg tak siap!

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