Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mummy and Audrene's Day Out

Once a week, Audrene and I will have an outing together - just the 2 of us. The venue is usually The Curve because that's the mall closest to the nursery and our home. We have a standard routine. We'll start with ice cream at Audrene's favourite ice cream shop, what else if it's not Baskin Robbins :). Then we'll go to either MPH or Borders because Audrene loves to browse around bookstores and tekan2 all books yg ada bunyi. She will usually buy 1 or 2 books and most times they are sticker books. After that, if we have time (sometimes we'll rush back to meet Daddy for dinner and now we need to go back to the nursery to pick up Baby Maira), we'll lepak at Starbucks. Audrene will play with her sticker books and I will have sometime to relax with a cuppa while tengok2 org.. Check out other ladies' handbags, clothes, rambut.. hehe!

So today is going to be another Mummy-Audrene Day and I am looking forward to it. Nanti later later when Baby Maira is bigger she will be joining us too. Now cannot cos I can't handle 2 kids at one time alone. Mummy cannot run as fast as Kakak. But I can't wait for that day to come - from an outing of a duo to a trio.. Mesti fun!

Ooops.. need to get ready. I've had had 2 great days in a row. Yoga, facial, yoga, pedi, yoga, shopping, yoga, FOOD... heheh!

Here are some pix from our previous outing:

Audrene browsing for books

Tiba2 Audrene nak pose next to these reindeers :)


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Aleza said...

audrene loves books!

=)) bestnya g curve! huhuhu

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