Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movie and TV Day

Woo hoo...Audrene is at my parents' today so this means that we get to have the tube all to ourselves. Bestnya satu hari without Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Ultraman and Powerpuff Girls! So far, we've watched My Best Friend's Girl and I enjoyed it. The comedy is, however, not suitable for younger viewers because some jokes are a little bit abrasive, but hey, anything with Kate Hudson are worth watching. If not for the story, definitely for the clothes and style.

I've also finished all 13 episodes of Lipstick Jungle (Season 2) last night. I thought season 1 was not so great and seeing Kim Raver as a powerful editor-in-chief was kinda weird after watching her for years as a low-income paramedic in Third Watch. But I like Season 2 (and I think Kirby is cute.. hehe!). Too bad the show has been axed. Another series that I enjoy watching is Cashmere Mafia. Both are created by Sex And The City's creators (LJ by Candace Bushnell & CM by Darren Starr) and both are about girlfriends who are high-flyers in their careers. I watch the show mainly because of the clothes, hair, make up and handbags. They make me drool and motivate me to style up for work. But, unfortunately, it stops there..motivate saja. Every morning bangun lambat so will always end up in the office with a panic, out-of-breath look with hair all out of place :p

Next movie that I'm gonna watch today is Slumdog Millionaire. Heard its a great one. Menang awards and all. So till later.. TTFN (hehe.. learnt this from Lipstick Jungle!).

p/s.. I am clicking from my brand new laptop... a gift from Daddy.. yippee :)

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

yep kim raver yg paramedic kat third watch kan.

i want to watch cashmere mafia!

TTFN tu ape???

Miss S said...

tata for now.. huhu

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