Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny Video!

Hi all.. check out the video on this page... SUPER FUNNY!!!

BTW, have survived another week at work and looking forward for more to come. But still, TGIF!!!

I tried something new this week - FISH SPA. Verdict - definitely going for more! At first it was really geli, ticklish, but after about 1 minute of dipping my two feet in the pond, I find the session to be enjoyable. My tired feet felt rejuvenated and soft afterwards.

Hurrah for the long weekend. So many plans and catching up to do - books, family, housecleaning and just as important - my LIPSTICK JUNGLE escapade!

Allright, Gong X Fa Cai & Happy Hols everyone!

p/s... tomorrow's my wedding anniversary :)

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