Friday, January 30, 2009

Cute Blogger Award!

Hey hey hey.. Look what I got... An award!!!! Yay yay yay.. Made my day :) Thanks a million Mummy Azan! You have no idea how happy I am :D a receiver of this award, I'm gonna have to:

1. Copy the award and paste in my blog - done
2. Link the person who gave me the award - check
3. List 10 facts about myself that I wish to share with my readers - Ooohh.. I welcome every opportunity to write about myself *wide grin* So here goes...

1. I have gone through labour twice, both with epidural. I have never ever experienced labour pain at its max. I am way too pengecut for it!

2. If there is such thing as previous lives, I think I might have been a cow because I could express and express (and express) my milk and it will flow and flow (and flow). Most times I stop expressing because my tangan lenguh as I'm using a manual pump.

3. I am such a bad cook. Nothing I cook turns out well. Why aaa??

4. I'm a name thief. Yes, I steal names. I stole both of my daughters' names from my friends and I cover it up by proclaiming that they're the girls' godmother.

5. Everyday I will read the gossips on Malaysian artistes in RAP and HIP before I hit the business section. This is what happens when you spend 6 years working in a local TV station :p

6. My favourite place on earth is Disneyland and I hope to bring my kids there when they are bigger and stroller-free.

7. My hubby said I'm a poser. Handbag mahal tapi purse kosong. Excuse me, this is by choice. I takut kena pick pocket.

8. I don't read non-fictions, science fictions and sappy love stories.

9. I eat roti canai with sambal only. I get very upset if the kedai mamak is out of sambal.

10. Now I carry my ipod which is loaded with tv series everywhere (currently showing - Grey's Anatomy Season 5) and I will switch it on at every chance I have - tengah pam, tgh make-up, stuck dlm jam, tgh lunch. It's my new best friend.

Aik.. 10 already? Ok, next, I have to list 10 recipients.. Ni susah ni...5 aje lah.. Cheating :p

1. Adik
2. Shafiq
3. Babychik
4. Seen_er
5. Jasmine Melor

Alrighty..done! Have a great weekend all. I nak sambung Grey's. Goodnite!

2 squiggles:

dikwirina said...

shaz, i missed out lah part tv series ni. ok, pls recommend me one series yg i should watch. grey's or lipstick jungle or apa ye?

Miss S said...

criminal minds and lipstick jungle s2! both are unputdownable.

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