Monday, January 19, 2009

Audrene & Optimus Prime

I am trying verrrryyy hard not to write about me being stuck in a bad traffic again just now (2+ hours AGAIN... yup... please remind me why am I doing this???). Already I am like a broken record. Enough with my dear friends having to listen and console me on this. From today onwards I am not complaining anymore. In May it will be OVER. Office is moving to PJ. And the super-bad traffic will be over, over, OVER!

After a whole week of work, I made sure I had a great weekend. Didn't do anything much and that made it great. I lazed around and watched 8 episodes of Lipstick Jungle Season 2 back-to-back. Didn't do much of reading, wanted to, but Lipstick Jungle was a stronger magnet. (Hmmm...can I have their clothes and career?? Can I?? When??)

After spending one whole Saturday at home, the whole lot of us went out on Sunday and one of the main agenda was to get Audrene her Optimus Prime. Audrene is a huge fan of Transformers. She first saw the movie a couple of months ago and since then she has to watch the movie at least once a week (sebab school days.. if not she would be watching it every single day).

Last week she asked Daddy if a girl can play with Transformers. When Daddy said yes, she asked me if we can buy for her Optimus Prime. Of course the answer is yes. Audrene has been such a good girl lately. She wakes up on time without any fuss in the morning and gets dressed by herself. We also got great reviews about her in school. So to reward her, Optimus Prime it is.

We bought the Lead Autobot (Audrene insists it's Aurobots, not Autobots.. sampai gaduh2 dengan Mummy) at The Curve and lepas tu tak sabar2 nak balik to play with it. I was secretly excited too. Buying the robot brought me back to my own childhood. As I have two brothers, I grew up with boys' toys all around me. Kinda weird cos I can't recall my own toys except for the many boardgames that I had yet I can perfectly remember my brothers' He-Man, Masks, Star Wars, etc. Probably I spent too much time reading Enid Blyton books that I didn't play with my own toys or probably my brothers' toys were wayyyy too exciting.

So today we'll have a new friend joining us in bed. Yup.. whenever Audrene buys a new toy, she'd like the toy to sleep with us for a while. When she bought Ultraman, Ultraman stayed with us for a bit in bed. After a week or so, he slept under our bed to 'guard' us. When she was smaller, Barney and Dora used to snuggle in our comforter too :)

Ok, friends, gotta continue with my nightly routine.. Bottles, clothes, books and if there's time, would like to continue with Lipstick Jungle. Goodnite!

2 squiggles:

Anonymous said...

aurobots huhh...? ...interesssting~ ehehehe

Aleza said...

hehe aurobots~~

when can we see mr optimus prime???

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