Saturday, January 10, 2009

Of Milestones & Progresses


First, Baby Maira can now glide forward!! She took 3 glides before she rested her head and smiled widely at me. She must be so excited herself. Hence this means no more baring2 on the bed without supervision - even with pilliows by the side!

Second, I can now fit into most of my pre-pregnancy pants!!! But ermmm... can only fit 'em in and zip 'em up. Still looks soooooo tight that I couldn't actually wear them yet. I give myself another month. Looks like all the yoga, pilates (ooohh.. did I mention a few days ago I berpilates next to Umie Aida the actress? She's so terrer) and BB classes are not a waste. I am definitely continuing with weekend classes once I start work (this Monday! Gulp!).

The house is so quiet because there're only me and baby at home. Daddy's out golfing and Audrene is at her weekend getaway.. where else kalau bukan rumah grandparents! I am going to laze around the whole day and finish up yet another one of Patterson's books - Beach Road.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Aleza said...

ooo bestnya! how cuttee! hoorah for maira!!


eh.. how come eja can comment ur blog??

eja!! comment MINE MINEE


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