Monday, January 12, 2009

Back @ Work

Fun's over... I am now back to being a working mom. First day was tough because I missed my two munchkins terribly. And just when I was soooo excited that the day was finally over, it started to rain and grrrr.... it took me TWO hours to get to the kids' nursery and ANOTHER 30 MINUTES to reach home. Driving to work itself took me 1.5 HOURS. Ha.. Cuba kira berapa lama I dalam kereta tadi. Imagine how flat I was during dinner (but nasib baik dinner sedap... daddy masak nasi lemak...yumm). I really hope the traffic is going to be better tomorrow. It was just so so bad just now. I felt like leaving by car and run back home tapi hujan pulak!

However, the great thing is, I think my new office is alright. The people are friendly, the office is very very near Pavilion (not good for the purse, I know) and phew, I don't have to wear covered shoes all the time. My feet can't take covered shoes.. memang.tak.boleh. Today I wore covered shoes and now my feet are suffering from nasty blisters. Doesn't matter kasut brand apa.. mahal ke murah ke... all will bite my feet.

Alright people, gotta go prepare for tomorrow. Same routine everyday. Sebelum tidur, kemas barang. Clothes and diapers in the nursery bag. Sterilised nipples for Baby Maira. Sterilised (and dated) bottles and pump for me. Check Audrene's school bag. Prepare her school uniform... and the list goes on and on.... ya...ini lah kerja saya tiap-tiap hari kerja...tapi I happy now sebab sikit lagi I can baring2 and hug my 2 munchkins who are sound asleep in my bed.

Goodnite everyone and have a great week ya :)

2 squiggles:

Aleza said...

heheheh welcome back to work sissy!

im at the cc kat dpn campus adik

huhu :)

Anonymous said...

Akak you have no idea how lucky you are driving an auto time traffic jam. Seeeeriouslyyyy~

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